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Day: October 7, 2023

Produced By Oprah, Hulu Drama Series ‘Black Cake’ Uncovers A Mother’s Mysterious Past

Hulu has unveiled the trailer for its upcoming drama series, “Black Cake,” produced by Oprah’s Harpo Films and adapted from Charmaine Wilkerson’s bestselling novel. The series revolves around the startling revelation of a mother’s hidden childhood secrets, which only come to light after her passing. This revelation leaves her children with numerous questions about the past and its relevance in the present day.

The highly anticipated show is set to premiere on November 1st, launching with three episodes. Subsequent episodes will be released every Wednesday on Hulu, promising viewers a captivating exploration of family mysteries and their enduring impact.

Here is the official synopsis of Black Cake:

Black Cake is a family drama wrapped in a murder mystery with a diverse cast of characters and a global setting. The story takes place in Jamaica, Italy, Scotland, England and Southern California.  In the late 1960s, a runaway bride named Covey disappears into the surf off the coast of Jamaica and is feared drowned or a fugitive on the run for her husband’s murder. In present day California, a widow named Eleanor Bennett, loses her battle with cancer, leaving her two estranged children, Byron and Benny, a flash drive that holds previously untold stories of her journey from the Caribbean to America. These stories, narrated by Eleanor, shock her children and challenge everything they thought they knew about their family’s origin.

The cast of the series includes Mia Isaac, Adrienne Warren, Chipo Chung, Ashley Thomas, Lashay Anderson, Faith Alabi, and Glynn Turman. Ahmed Eljah, Simon Wan, and Sonita Henry make appearances as recurring guest stars. Marissa Jo Cerar serves as the showrunner and executive producer.

The series is backed by a team of executive producers, including Oprah Winfrey, Aaron Kaplan, Carla Gardini, Brian Morewitz, Charmaine Wilkerson, and Michael Lohmann. “Black Cake” is a collaborative production involving Two Drifters, Harpo Films, ABC Signature, and Kapital Entertainment.

Watch the trailer below:

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