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This is An Anthology Expressing the Various forms and Process of Grief

2022 PVIFF Shorts Finalists

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Natoya Carlies

i loved it!!

Sonya Wright Omotayo

Heart tugger, tear jerker, soul stirring. A very real and relatable insight into the deep, dark waters of grief. Great job all!

Tearra Sutton

An incredible film displaying that grief looks different for everyone. I can say from experience the movie was a pull on my heart as I dealt with my grief and the movie help me understand it’s okay to hurt but don’t get stuck in it.

Cora Powell

This movie helped me realize that grief is full of love ,memories and passion.

LLaTonya Blue

Thanks so much for always supporting Auntie! I love you so much!❤️

Brittany Phillips

Grief in many forms from different perspectives. Definitely made my heart pound and my eyes water! Very relatable film with a great cast!

Lucille Blue

This anthology was full of passion and played by phenomenal actors who succeeded in bringing you into their world as they portrayed the various forms of grief. Loved it!

LLaTonya Blue

Thanks so much Aunt Lucy for always supporting. Love you!

Crystal flowers

Grief is such a heavy topic that most people don’t like to talk about!

This movie touched on every emotion it embodies

Such a true replication of what grief looks (feels) like !

Lisa McLean

Definitely relatable and makes your realize that there are so many people out here that can be going through different forms of grief and handle it different. Sometimes you just have to let it out and many of us hold it in and try not to deal with it. Loved it!

Tonya Lewis

I vote for Grief

Angela Ellison

Love it 💕


Very well done.

samira taylor

I love the way this film captured the different views of grief. It’s different for all of us but it’s something none of us could ever escape. I’d love to see more!

Brenda Dubone

Thus movie showed and touched on the many ways we deal with grief. Each actor was phenomenal. I myself is dealing with my own grief. This movie reminded me that many of us are dealing some form of grief and others may not know it. I love the dedication at tge end and the in Loving memory to Greg❤️❤️🙏🙏

Skye Doughty

Grief omg . I am honored to be in this short film . It bought tears to me .

Therese James

My sister LaNita did an amazing job .

Alivia Brown

I am proud of my Nanna she is in this film

Alivia Brown

I am so honor to be cast for Grief . It is well needed .

Rodney Martin

Grief is certainly a thing that affects each person differently. Like grief, we’re all going through something at some point and you just never know. I enjoyed seeing my cast mates really embody and tap into the side that is not fun to but necessary.

RIP Greg. Glad I had a chance to meet you and have man /life talk.

Paulette Israel

Looks amazing

Fran Jeffries

Beautiful. Heart wrenching. Lovely.

Tina Nixson

I’m here to
Support my tete and my dear friend Greg Lockett. I
Love you both and missing Greg as he has passed on to be with our father. May this film be successful and enter the love and hearts of everyone that knew Greg and love my tete and Greg. Blessings!

Connor Brown

I am so proud of my Nanna LaNita jo Fox

Wanda Black

I loved the movie!! Sad but so emotional, an real

Catina Fletcher

Great Movie 👍🏽

Ben Gamblin

Real emotional visit to grief done very well

Drwill Holt

So proud of Ms Fox

Lydia Price

Gregg Lockett and Lanita Fox look awesome together. We miss Gregg

Manya Harris

Very emotional, and impactful. I loved it❤️

Kevin Davis

Great movie !

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