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Caper 3: The Brilliance Meijin Affair

  • 2 Reviews
  • 2022

The game is afoot as a mysterious nemesis decides to put Cierra & The Crew’s puzzle solving skills to the test. What’s at stake? Only a $150,000 pay day!

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  1. Aida says:

    What a great episode! If you’re like so many other black people in to anime and fantasy and always wanted to see yourself represented then this is for you! A HUGE plus for them holding down ATL and showing the best of our city

  2. JoelB says:

    Seeing all the atlanta landmarks sprinkled in this episode was fire. I aint mad at Brilliance for willing to blow up the crew for a sit down with cierra :shaq:

    Great show…keep it up

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Reviews for Caper 3: The Brilliance Meijin Affair

2 Reviews
  • Contains Spoiler
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