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The Women Who Soar

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Author: Labelle Nambangi

Paperback :203 pages

  • Publisher: Good Reads
  • Fist Published: 2018
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When LaBelle Nambangi immigrated to America from Cameroon, one thing remained a constant among the vast cultural changes she experienced: the patriarchy. She was dismayed by the ingrained sexism present in both countries, but also inspired by the women she met on either side of the Atlantic who defied their cultures and succeeded despite the societal biases that attempted to hold them down. Women Who Soar shares the stories of these inspirational figures—leaders, entrepreneurs, visionaries, mothers, sisters—and their fight against patriarchal culture. LaBelle passionately explores how far we’ve come and how far we still have to go to dispel deeply ingrained sexism, whether it’s through the stories we tell our children, the educational opportunities we provide, or the support we lend to one another. No matter the country, no matter the society, the battle of breaking the patriarchy is far from over. But when women band together, there’s no height they can’t reach

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