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Ode to Joy is a two-part intimate paean to Mother Earth and to women’s generativity


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Renee Wilson

Thank you Prodmag!

Jana Smith

This is such an amazing, reflective, thoughtful beautifully crafted film!

Renee Wilson

Thank you for your beautiful comment Jana!

Aaron Snegg

I love this this film!!!

Renee Wilson


Gigi Lavigne

I love re-watching this! The hard work pays off 🥳

Renee Wilson

Thank you so much Gigi! The hard work does pay off! xo

syd kaster

Incredibly beautiful film, will be waiting to see what’s next for these talented creatives 🙂

Renee Wilson

Thank you so much Syd! More to come!

Myra Paci

Beautiful film, refreshingly original.

Renee Wilson

Thank you so much Myra!!!

Tamara Perkins

Lyrically poetic, gorgeous, and mesmerizing.

Renee Wilson

Thank you Tamara! I am thrilled that you connect to the film in these ways! Thank you for your kind words!

Allison Rodriguez

thoughtful, creative and beautiful. incredibly descriptive form of humanity in the arts.

Renee Wilson

Thank you Allison! We really appreciate what you have written here about the piece. I am so happy it touched you in the heart of our collective humanity!

Paulette Bailey-Wilson

Ole to Joy is so moving and touching. It really is a great film.
Love the nature, rainbow , water and the artist smile! I vote YES! Winner.

Renee Wilson

Thank you Paulette Bailey – Wilson!!

Woodrow Wilson

This film reminds us all that we are one with nature – in love with all humanity and especially with ourselves to share from birth to stardust. Such a beautiful and inspiring film.

Renee Wilson

Yes we are all one with nature! ✨ ✨✨ from birth to stardust! Love it Pops! Thank you for this beautiful comment!!! I’m so happy you love the film! xoxo LD

Paulette Bailey-Wilson

Sorry I meant Ode. IT was great.

Renee Wilson

🙂 thank you!

Emily Olson

Wow Renée! This piece is stunning, some moments that captured my attention.

Your beautiful stillness in the water. The Dragonfly flying by!! What….?? Your words: Sing songs that need to be sung. Hallelujah, such a beautiful voice, just wow, your talents. Your hands on the water – speaking of grace. Your silky beautiful skin.
I found myself smiling. Wanting to get up and dance.

And I did !

Mahalo for sharing your heart and gifts.

Renee Wilson

I am so thrilled that Ode To Joy made you get up and dance Emily!!! Thank you for all that you’ve said here about our film! And yes the dragonfly was incredibly over the top gorgeous and just came in out of nowhere! Ah the power of nature!!!

Samantha Bocage

Ode to Joy is the spiritual renewal we didn’t know we needed until after watching the film!


Renee Wilson

This comment is so wonderful!! Thank you Samantha Bocage! I am so happy that you experienced Ode To Joy as a spiritual renewal! Grateful 🙏🏽! Thank you!!!

Blenda Miller

Love this film SO much! It brings me peace and joy all at once. What an amazing artist you are Renee! I think with this film you can transport anyone to connect with nature and themselves. That dragonfly also did a great job flying by at the right time. You are winning this no doubt.

Renee Wilson

Thank you so much Blenda!!! Everyone’s comments are making me so happy that we made this film! The power of the feminine, Mother Nature, and connecting to ourselves and to each other is what makes this work so meaningful! Thank you again for your very kind words! I am so happy it brought you peace and Joy!!!! ❤️❤️❤️ And Yes – the dragonfly is like whoa!

Blenda Miller

Love this film SO much! It brings me peace and joy all at once. What an amazing artist you are Renee! I think with this film you can transport anyone to connect with nature and themselves. That dragonfly also did a great job flying by at the right time. You are winning this no doubt.

Renee Wilson


Grace Randick

Wow!!! what a magnificent film!

Renee Wilson

Thank you so much Grace Randick!!!!!!!

Nina Janowsky Snegg

For me, watching this exquisite film is the same as sitting down and meditating. It is so peaceful and relaxing. If I can’t get to the River myself, Ode to Joy serves as a close second. I never tire of watching all the lovely, sensuous, quiet details of spending a day at the River alone that Renee has captured in her film. Along with the beautiful soundtrack, the name, Ode to Joy, says it all.

Renee Wilson

Thank you Nina! We’re so happy the film can take you to your happiest place when you can’t get there in person!!! And so happy it brings you meditative joy and peace! So fun :)!

Marc Snegg

Rich, beautiful writing, thought provoking, lush visuals, a piece of quiet beauty in a noisy world.

Renee Wilson

Thank you Marc for your beautiful comments about our film!! 🙏🏽❤️🙏🏽

Mike Snegg

Amazing, powerful, and beautiful film! Congratulations to the entire cast and crew for making this unique work of art!!

Renee Wilson

Thank you so much Mike!! We are so happy you enjoyed the film!

Nina Janowsky Snegg

I live in the mountains so I only have access to a River but the scenes of the ocean are gorgeous as well. And, Renee’s soothing words and her vision of who she is and her sense of spirituality
make this film truly a joy to watch.

Renee Wilson

Thank you!!!


Beautifully, creatively, peacefully restorative and elegant! This artist’s gift keeps on giving! MaaKeeDaada <3

Renee Wilson

Thank you so much SS!!! MaaKeeDaada!<3

Nina Janowsky Snegg

Also this message is for Jaro- I selected a 5 star rating for Ode To Joy and it is reflecting a 2 star rating above. This is incorrect and the system is not allowing me to change it. Can you please change it on your end? Thank you!

Adrian Snegg

I think this film is next level!!!!!!!

Renee Wilson

Thank you Adrian!!!

Shilpa Jain

Beautiful, powerful. Thank you for this magic!

Renee Wilson

Thank you Shilpa Jain!!! ✨✨✨

Teavis Pomroy

Incredible film! Love the spiritual quality of the piece and the artistic expression of Ode To Joy!! Great work!!

Renee Wilson

Thank you so much Teavis!!

M M Edwards


I felt a calm in my spirit and body. It was a perfect melding of touchstones; dress, location and words.

Renee Wilson

Thank you so much M M Edwards! 🙏🏽❤️🙏🏽

Tiffany Shlain

Such a gorgeous and powerful film! You are pure joy and it comes through in this film. Hearing you sing Amazing Grace was so moving. Thank you for making it.