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UnOrdinary Love

Patrick meets the love of his life, Violet, while trapped in a tumultuous relationship with another woman.

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Tinesha Franklin

This is such a beautiful film! It’s timeless! The actors are incredible, the cinematography was phenomenal! Amanda Rosario Glass is such a brilliant artist!

daisy burroughs

This is a fantastic short film! I enjoyed the plot, storyline, and acting! Thank you for including it in Jaro’s competition!

Terry Walker

I really enjoyed Unordinary Love. The actors did a great job and the storyline flowed very well. It would be great to have it made into a full-featured film. ❤

Leslie Black

Great Job!!!

Hatcher cedric

Beautiful short! I enjoyed every moment! Everything from the sound acting and cinematography was well done! Congrats to the entire cast and crew on a job well done!

Newby Digital

This short was beautiful. I loved how the soundtrack did a fantastic job of setting the tone of each scene—much respect to Amanda Rosario Glass and the rest of the cast.

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