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Self Care – S1 E5

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About this Podcast

Caring for yourself means you have to be in tune with your core to give you what you truly need. But how often do we do an introspection need. But how often do we do an introspection check to ensure we are well on the inside? Of course, we all like to look good, but what good is looking good if your spirit isn’t well? Welcome to the 12th Hour podcast, where we encourage you to unmask your wounds for proper healing. In this episode of Self-Care, we talk about how self-care manifests in our relationships romantically and polytonic. Interrupting such affects those relationships and the one you have with yourself. Cheers to keeping you balanced.


The 12th Hour podcast generates a safe space for testimony and vulnerability as four friends courageously dive beneath the surface to discuss various topics that speak on the power of healing, spirituality, and the significance of understanding in today’s world.

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