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About this Podcast

It can seem impossible to find purpose amid a chaotic storm if you’re not tapped in with spirit. But how do we get in tune with our spirit (4:33)? Get ready to be comfortable with being uncomfortable (18:44). Welcome to the 12th Hour Podcast, where the plane has crashed yet we all survive. In today’s episode of Spirituality, we discuss how we can prioritize our well-being and get back to our core (8:43). Join us as we talk about the differences between religion and spirituality (14:37) and how we practice our spiritual growth (31:39). Cheers to spiritual wealth (40:19).


The 12th Hour podcast generates a safe space for testimony and vulnerability as four friends courageously dive beneath the surface to discuss various topics that speak on the power of healing, spirituality, and the significance of understanding in today’s world.

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