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About this Podcast

Life in an already unbalanced world can be draining and if you don’t know self well enough you too can get caught in its unbalanced dynamics. Big question here is how well do you know yourself (20:04)? Welcome to the 12th Hour Podcast, where we dig below the surface to find the true root of the problem. In today’s episode of Know Thy Self, we’ll dig in to see if you are in fact a reflection of everything you agree with (20:08) or are you just everything you like on IG (20:15)? Let’s logically cipher through these emotions (30:08) and discuss the unbalanced masculine and feminie dynamics of this world (:39).


The 12th Hour podcast generates a safe space for testimony and vulnerability as four friends courageously dive beneath the surface to discuss various topics that speak on the power of healing, spirituality, and the significance of understanding in today’s world.

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